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Name:Robert A. Smith
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Comments:Daryl very imformative site, keep up the good work.
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What would help enhance this site?Do a split screen with all the links on one side.
March 24, 2000 22:22:13 (GMT Time)

Name:Dennis smith
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Seattle Washington
Comments:Dennis Smith Specialty Investments International P.O. Box 3954 Federal Way, WA 98063 The Fatherhood Alliance PO Box 51035 durham, NC 27712 Greeting: I have been looking to work with a group of this nature. The reason for my visit here is that I owe some back child support, that I am trying to get cleared up. I was told that fatherhood alliance offered something that would help take care of this with the state and the father would work with them to pay it back or something al
What is your fatherhood category?Non Custodial Father
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March 4, 2000 20:06:49 (GMT Time)

Name:Adrian Atkinson
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Raleigh, NC
Comments:Excellent site!!! Lots of good information to provide fathers with the resources and tools needed to help us develop our skills as a positive figure in our families as well as our communities.
What is your fatherhood category?God Father to two beautiful young girls
What would help enhance this site?Feedback from visitors
Febuary 28, 2000 04:14:43 (GMT Time)

Name:Daryl Mitchell
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Comments:I want to thank you for visiting my site. I encourage all feedback whether it is positive or negative. I look forward to hearing from you.
What is your fatherhood category?Single Father
What would help enhance this site?More input from the visitors.
Febuary 27, 2000 04:34:05 (GMT Time)

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